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What Shopping Cart Should I Use?
Hi Im thinking of opening my own site selling goods. Now ive seen alot of shopping carts but i dont know which one i should use. These are the ones ive seen: Interspire Shopping Cart Cubecart Zencart Oscommerce Livecart Cs-Cart If there are others you recommend please tell me Now i will be using alertpay and Moneybookers so please take this into considertation when helping, (what i mean is the shopping cart you recommend must have these 2 payment modules available or able to add the module to the cart) At the moment i like the look of livecart but cant see any alertpay module. Thanks in advance guys really apreciate it.
Programming & Design - 3 Answers - 2009-09-17 15:08:28

Is a score of 720 at SAT Math II and Physics enough to get into MIT?
The SAT subject tests are the only problem in my application. I have good academic achievement at school and good extracurriculars as well (including the fact that I was the national champion in Karate). I am not in the US and therefore these a SAT exams are totally new to me and I had to do them with just 2 weeks of practice. So what do you think? Do I have at least a bit of a chance getting into MIT or am I totally out of the league?
Higher Education (University +) - 4 Answers - 2009-12-01 07:50:25

How To Jailbreak iPhone 3g With 3.1 Software?
does anyone know how to jailbreak an iphone to the newest software? i have a 3g but it has the 2.1 software update. when i update it, the emergency screen comes up. does anyone know how to activate it with out the sim too? last thing. can i jailbreak it from a computer. and upload all my stuff from another computer? thank youu(:
Cell Phones & Plans - 1 Answers - 2009-09-16 04:30:42

What do you think the meaning of life is?
I know what it is already but it's nice to see what somewhat smart and mature people ( :} ) think it's about. If you don't know what it is, then you can look at the different opinions that other people think. Enjoy!
Philosophy - 8 Answers - 2009-12-25 13:43:58

Why is homosexuality a sin in the Bible?
I know why murder, and fornication are sins. However, why is homosexuality a sin, and please don't say, "Because the Bible says it's a sin." I'm not asking if it's in the Bible. Rather I'm asking what are the reasons for why the Bible says homosexuality a sin. Why is homosexuality so terrible an act that God deemed it a sin?
Religion & Spirituality - 32 Answers - 2009-03-09 18:56:26

How much better will the graphics be on Black Ops compared to Modern Warfare 2?
Just wondering, it seems a little early to be releasing another CoD game.. is black ops set just after modern warfare 2? and will it be different characters?
Video & Online Games - 8 Answers - 2010-06-12 01:22:00

Where does vinegar come from or how it is made?

Other - Food & Drink - 5 Answers - 2009-07-29 18:12:10

Jail break i-touch 2.2.1?
I just bought me 2nd generation i-pod touch and i want to jailbreak it?my i-pod has the 2.2.1 version.How can i download it? plzzzzz need help also.... is there a possibility my i-pod will get damaged by jail breaking? can i un-install jailbreak if i didn't like it?
Music & Music Players - 2 Answers - 2009-02-28 21:59:18

how do you edit the soft keys on this phone samsung sch-r451c?

PDAs & Handhelds - 1 Answers - 2010-01-26 14:57:33

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